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What is Kenpo Karate?

Kenpo Creed

"I come to you with only Karate; empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honour. 

Should it be a matter of life or death, right or wrong, then here are my weapons, Karate; empty hands."     

Mr. Edmund K. Parker

Kenpo is a modern form of Karate, and is one of the most  comprehensive martial arts system in the world today. 

Developed in the 50's by Mr Ed Parker.  It is a scientific study of motion following "Rules And Principles of Motion" as it applies to combat.   

While Kenpo traces its roots back to Chinese martial arts, as it is based on the Shaolin system of Ch’uan Fa (“Fist Law”) The basic movements are derived from animal forms such as the Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Leopard, and Crane, it also encompass Koshoryu Kempo Jujitsu.

Kenpo is also a combination of five cultures: Chinese, Japanese, Okinawa, Hawaiian and American, and a true blend of inner and outer strength.  it is both an ancient and modern method of self development and self-defense.  

Grand master Ed Parker’s system is predominantly his own creation. It is practical, realistic, and can readily be applied in today’s environment. 

The Kenpo system encompasses logical principles, and concepts along with kinetic science not yet employed by other Martial Art systems. Kenpo can help you develop grace and coordination as well as stamina and speed.