Friends of Universal Kenpo


President I.K.K.A. 

Mr Joseph Whelan

6th Degree Black belt

Mr John Brennan

2nd Degree Black belt

Links of Universal Kenpo Karate Association


American Kenpo Karate Academies

The International Kenpo Karate Academies (IKKA) is a Kenpo organization that was formed to create a blanket for all Kenpoists to train under.

We believe that the Ed Parker system of Kenpo should be taught just as Grand master Parker outlined in the "Infinite Insights Into Kenpo" series of books, and should not be revised or watered down.


Brennan's Kenpo Karate Association 

Our association was founded to bring together people of every background and all ages to learn the amazing art of Kenpo Karate. This is your opportunity to meet new friends we’re always happy to welcome new members to our group. 

You do not have to be fit, young or agile to learn Kenpo as it is designed to work for each individual and their capabilities from 6 to 60. Kenpo will enhance your life, physically and mentally.