Universal Kenpo Karate Association

(U.K.K.A. Buckinghamshire)

Belt System

This is the outline of the belt system used within Universal Kenpo Karate Association it follows the system as laid down by FGM Mr Ed Parker.

At Universal Kenpo Karate Association, we have a systematic grading system which uses coloured belts, which is traditional in most modern martial arts, to show the technical level you 

have  acquired


Examples of the Yellow belt techniques have been linked to YouTube, created by Casa De Kenpo.

Gradings are held every three months (or longer if needed) and as you progress through the ranks toward the coveted Black belt, you will find each rank will be a challenge, but an enjoyable one.

All grades will be registered with the International Kenpo Karate Academies  (I.K.K.A.) in America. 

Remember that reaching Black belt is not the end but a new beginning. Kenpo is never a sprint but a marathon. Please see the Kenpo syllabus.

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